About Us

Evive Biotech headquartered in Singapore, is a global biologics company with Asian roots, developing a portfolio of novel biologic therapies for patients and healthcare professionals worldwide. 

We leverage our two proprietary technology platforms, DiKine™ and ITab™ to advance a series of innovative drug candidates for oncology and inflammatory disorders.

Founded in 2004, we have over 200 employees today with operations in the US, Singapore and China. We adopt a holistic approach to drug development, combining exceptional research and commercialization capabilities with world class in-house regulatory expertise to bring innovative therapies to market quickly and efficiently.

Biologic drugs offer revolutionary treatment for patients suffering from oncology and inflammatory disorders, but they can also be complex and challenging, with powerful cascade effects that need to be carefully focused and controlled. Our proprietary development platforms and state-of-the-art cGMP facilities enable us to specifically address these challenges.

Through partnerships with industry, doctors, and regulators, we develop revolutionary remedies that we believe will make a real and lasting difference to patients and their families worldwide.

Evive Biotech is a majority-owned subsidiary of Yifan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, a Shenzhen listed integrated pharmaceutical company engaged in R&D, production and  commercialization of API, and finished dosage form.