Evive has built a strong development team with extensive experience in key functional areas including regulatory affairs, pre-clinical and clinical development, clinical operations, and quality assurance. We have completed 13 clinical trials with trial sites in China, the US, Australia, and Europe, leveraging internal resources and Contract Research Organizations (CRO). Our clinical development team has clinicians with many years of drug development expertise in relevant therapeutic areas. Our team leverages expertise with regulatory environments to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of our trials, including the “Fast Track” pathway in China, Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) in the US, Orphan Drug Designation and Breakthrough Therapy Designation.

To fully utilize the flexibility of the DiKineTM and long-acting bi-specific platforms, Evive is actively exploring next generation products that target multiple targets or pathways during disease development and progression. Cytokines, hormones, their agonist/antagonist are among the primary targets for the DiKineTM platform products. Disruption of multiple pathways during cancer development are slated for ITabTM products.